Fine European art.

All our products are handcrafted by the most experienced craftsmen in Slovenia in Europe. Holding on to hundreds of years of tradition and to the knowledge of fine handcrafting art that has been passed down from craftsman to craftsman. Evolved to perfection.

Precision handcrafted.

Advanced tools. Handcrafted.

Every CalypsoCrystal product precisely matches your device. Up to a tenth of a millimeter. To meet a challenge like this we had to completely rethink the production process. Invent new procedures. Design new tools. Push the limits of what’s possible.

Unbeatable precision.

Inspected for perfection.

Every finished piece is inspected and carefully hand polished to meet our high standards. So you can enjoy a remarkable product it is securely packed in a premium black gift box ready to surprise you or someone you care about.

Astonishing beauty.