Your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been lying on your desk out of balance for too long.

Bring them back in level and stop the jiggle. The iPhone camera is popping out of the device and making your life harder. Precisely deployed iPhone silhouette and a camera hole placed in our soft Italian leather are bringing level back to your iPhone.

No more lying around naked. This is a fashionable soft desk cushion for your iPhone.

The missing iPhone accessory.

Stop the wiggle jiggle

Place your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on the soft CalypsoPad and enjoy your work without the troubled wiggles and jiggles. Don't worry that your iPhone camera is popping out. The CalypsoPad is balancing it out.

Balanced and steady.

Leveled or lifted.

Precisely placed magnets are holding the CalypsoPad together when you want to keep it leveled. When you need to lift it up, just spread it out and flip it over. Enjoy a better viewing angle. Held in place by magnets. Leveled or lifted. Always in place.

Smart magnets.

Always ready.

Carefully designed and thought through. The CalypsoPad is holding your charging cable in place so it is always ready to be plugged in when you see that one percent on your screen in the last second.

Never search for the cable again.

Get your CalypsoPad

Premium Italian leather. Handcrafted in Europe.


Zurich Night

Soft and tactile premium black black leather. A true signature. Zurich Night is an endless admiration. From stitch to stitch.
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Paris Glory

Extraordinary memorable eternal brick orange color lies in Paris Glory. A little moment devoted only to you. Precision handcrafted to impress.
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Sydney Morning

Mysterious Sydney Morning is rising from its unforgettable matt green. You can feel it. Every detail has been thought of. Endlessly.
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Atlanta Mist

Distinctive pink beige colour dances whenever you look at Atlanta Mist. Exceptional combination of genuine Italian leather and artisan craftsmanship.
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