The golden standard

Extraordinary color. Premium Caviar leather and silver ring. Fused together in timeless iPhone case. A work of art. Simply perfect.

Less is more. Choose from three distinctive designs. The new Silhouette. The classic Cabrio. Or Book for 360 degree protection. This CalypsoCase will turn heads. Always embracing your new iPhone 7.

Handcrafted in Europe.

CalypsoCase Cabrio

Paris Glory

Burgundy with chic caviar pattern expose endless glamour. Choose vivid elegance with flattering silver line. Endless desire.
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CalypsoCase Silhouette

Paris Glory

Glorifying new model with silver ring signature. Exclusive caviar pattern is devoted to you. Work of art.
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CalypsoCase Book

Paris Glory

Timeless burgundy and silver ring. Inspire your finger tips every time with wonderfully soft Italian leather. Dangerously beautiful.
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Starting with a flawlessly constructed body. The CalypsoCase is built from the best. No doubt. We take only the best natural Italian leather. The unique pattern gives every CalypsoCase its unique look.

Precise. Robust. Beautiful.


No rush. Just slow and careful crafting. Our master craftsmen take their time. We greatly value and respect their artful work. So it takes days to assemble a CalypsoCase. Hand applied leather with meticulous attention to detail. No mass production.

This is fine European art.


Only up to 500 pieces of each design are made. Ever. Not a single one more. Each CalypsoCase is labeled with serial number. Join the few who can call a CalypsoCase their own.

500 pieces. Not one more.

Boxed as a gift

Beautiful packaging meets the beautiful product! Inside a premium black box the CalypsoCase is safely protected. It is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity and material composition.

Premium gift.


Colors? Details? Delivery? Let us know. We'll be happy to help you out.
CalypsoCrystal personal assistants are there to help you.
Discover true luxury customer service.

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