CalypsoCase iPad

Covered in premium leather and signature jacquard. Open it up. Flip it over. Close it again. Perfect craftsmanship. Always protecting your iPad.

Precision handcrafted.


Zurich Night

Soft and tactile premium black leather encloses our diamond jacquard textile. The true signature. Zurich Night is endlessly admired. From stitch to stitch.
199 €
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Paris Glory

An extraordinarily memorable eternal brick orange color rises from a maze of Paris Glory jacquards. A little moment devoted only to you.
199 €
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Sydney Morning

Distinctive soft genuine Italian grey leather with a touch of a purple scent. The center stage belongs to our golden yellow and gray jacquard that dances in light.
199 €
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Atlanta Mist

The mysterious Atlanta Mist wakes up from the unforgettable depths of our remarkable jacquard pattern. You can almost feel it.
199 €
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Our master craftsmen have a profound respect for the materials. They passionately and patiently craft masterpiece after masterpiece. Each reflecting its uniqueness. Manufactured with the highest attention to detail. Creating an astonishing beauty.

Fine European art.


Every fiber sits exactly right on the jacquard that was custom designed and manufactured in Florence. Enclosed with the best premium Italian leather it assures the highest quality. Only with ingredients of such a level can you produce such an admirable product.

Remarkable. Beautiful.


Only up to 999 pieces of each design are made. Ever. Not a single one more. Each CalypsoCase is labeled with serial number. Join the few who can call a CalypsoCase their own.

999 pieces. Not one more.


Boxed as a gift

Beautiful packaging meets the beautiful product! Inside a premium black box the CalypsoCase is safely protected. It is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity and material composition.

Premium gift.


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