The new CalypsoCrystal 2016 Collection

September 9, 2015


CalypsoCrystal is introducing a new luxury material. Custom woven jacquard made exclusively for CalypsoCrystal in Florence, Italy. One pattern. Four colors. All devices.

Jacquard is the king among the fabrics. The CalypsoCrystal signature pattern is custom woven in Florence, Italy. Combining centuries of tradition with a modern look. Spot the diamonds reflecting the light. CalypsoCrystal fabric is soft and durable made of extra strong yarn. The quality is assured by the skilled masters operating the looms.

Only carefully handpicked premium Italian leather can give results as amazing as the CalypsoCrystal products. Our products are made from the best. That's why the leather is produced specially for CalypsoCrystal in Milan, Italy. The unique pattern gives every piece its unique look.

Our craftsmen have turned a premium leather and jacquard into a remarkable product.

Patience, exactitude and remarkable sense of beauty. This is CalypsoCrystal.


CalypsoCase. Designs for iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6/6S Plus are available for 169 USD/EUR. All models of iPad mini and iPad Air are available for 199 USD/EUR. MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro editions are available for 299 USD/EUR.

CalypsoTag. A smart luggage name tag that connects to your smart phone and keeps an eye on your luggage is available for 169 USD/EUR.

CalypsoLoop. The organizer that holds all those small accessories cluttering up bags. From chargers, cables, headphones to credit cards and iPhones. Available for 169 USD/EUR.

Orders can be placed from today and will start shipping from September 25.


All our products are handcrafted by the most experienced craftsmen in Slovenia in Europe. Holding on to hundreds of years of tradition and to the knowledge of fine handcrafting art that has been passed down from craftsman to craftsman. Evolved to perfection. Read more about our handcrafting process.


The foundation of every great product lies in the thoughtful and uncompromising selection of the best possible materials. The robustness, their feel, smell and look. We source our materials from the most renowned and responsible suppliers around the globe. Especially from the northern part of Italy where our leather and fabrics are produced. Read more about our materials.