How the CalypsoCase is built

October 15, 2014

Dear friends,

Fall is a special time of the year. Every year. With the launch of the new iPhone we are introducing a new CalypsoCase line to take good care of your new devices. This year your response from day one was impressive and overwhelming. Thank you.

Since Apple doubled the number of iPhone 6 sold in comparison with the iPhone 5S, your CalypsoCase orders have quadrupled.

All of our products are carefully designed and handcrafted in Slovenia in Europe. We only use the finest Italian leather and we take great pride in the artisan craftsmanship put into every product we create. In the end, only 500 pieces of each design will be made.

Our preparations begin long before the launch of the new iPhone. Despite what some may think, we don’t receive iPhone specifications in advance, as Apple is very secretive about their new products and its dimensions. We try to prepare and develop our products up front, based on all publicly known specifications, predictions and our best guesses. Prototypes and the first new designs are built months before the final launch of the new iPhone.

When the new device is unveiled, we finally get to see where we stand with our predictions and prototypes. This is the first time we can actually take a look at the exact blueprints of the new iPhone.

Our predictions were spot on this year. The CalypsoCase prototypes seemed to be working well. As expected, there were few dimension alterations needed and we started to move forward towards the final product while your first orders started to arrive. We are grateful for all the many returning and familiar faces and so many new customers from all around the world who cherish true European craftsmanship and want to accessorize their device in the most fashionable manner.

Moving forward with a clear goal in mind to deliver your CalypsoCase into your hands in the quickest way. Still, without the iPhone 6 in stores, we had a 3D printed model made in Belgium based on the released blueprints. They have some fine 3D printers up there in Belgium. We gained one week of fine tuning time with our 3D prints before the iPhone finally hit the shelves.

We were first in line in France to receive the new 6 and bring it back home to further match the CalypsoCase with the final device in hand.

It is extremely important to take time and get all the dimensions and all those curves right. The final fit and look depend on it. The precision work that goes in every CalypsoCase is unprecedented. The industry tolerance standard in leather manufacturing, and what you would expect from other manufacturers, is around 2-3mm (0.08-0.12 inch). We get it down to a 0.1mm (0.004 inch).

Once we have all the pieces in place and the prototypes right we need to manufacture all the tools needed for production. Many parallel running processes are required to deliver the final CalypsoCase to you. There are more than 65 fine precision tools and knives made of aluminium, steel and polycarbonate behind all CalypsoCase designs and iPhone models.

Genuine leather arrives from Italy. Fine silk paper in which the CalypsoCase is wrapped is shipped from the UK. Packaging is made near our studio. The paper for your certificates comes from Austria and our friends at DHL and UPS are on standby to express deliver your final CalypsoCase to you.

Handcrafting is such a special inherited art that cannot be replicated and cloned as the business grows. There is no way to just add machines and robots to speed up our process. There are only so many experienced craftsmen that master the precision handwork needed for our products to be labeled as precision handcrafted.

We are in the final stages and the first products are being prepared for delivery. All your orders will be going out in the coming days and weeks, depending on when you placed your order. We are expecting to cut down the lines by the end of the month so we can ship all the new orders the same day they are placed.

We are grateful for your patience and support of fine European art and are excited to see your response when you receive and use your luxury CalypsoCase.

Matej Kurent, founder