Introducing The New Collection.
Precision Handcrafted.

The New CalypsoCase collection 2018 is following the goal to be one of a kind. To be unique. Handcrafted of genuine premium leather is what differ our cases. No mass production. Pure art.
Find the case that express you.


New CalypsoCrystal.
Perfect customer satisfaction.

"It has been my long vision to perfect the CalypsoCase down to one tenth of a millimeter. To a stich. To every single detail and down to the single leather stretch.

Since taking over the CalypsoCrystal brand this spring, I have focused on bringing only the best to CalypsoCrystal's customers. To those who have always cherished the artistic work of all the master craftsmen creating unique genuine leather CalypsoCases for their iPhones.

Perfect customer satisfaction is my number one priority. I want to wow every single one who sees the product firsthand. When you use it and when you experience the craftsmanship and all those premium materials in one meticulous product.

The new 2018 collection is something special. The CalypsoCase was reengineered to feature an even better hold and durability. The looks are amazing and the new designs more than fascinating.

This is the New CalypsoCase. This is the New CalypsoCrystal."

Sandi Golob,
master craftsmen and the new chief executive officer of the CalypsoCrystal brand.