Loud. Exceptional. Beautiful.
Prepare yourself to dive into an unforgettable Karim Rashid experience. A unique three dimensional design of patterns and craziness.
Scroll down and choose your limited edition CalypsoCase by Karim Rashid.


Don't stop at the crossroads. Feel beyond the
horizon and experience your path.
The infinite echo is your guide.


You will go there. Again and again. This is a bold expression of your almighty experience. Best premium Italian leather.
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Peaceful. Calm. Yet mysterious.
The unity of this design is hidden in the
dark silky leather patterns. Grab it.


Travel the globe. Observe the loudness of the city.  Dive into the lights. The colour of this CalypsoCase by Karim Rashid matches your vibe.
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Left. Right. This way. No way. When every
direction is right, nothing can be wrong.
Just remember this distinctive leather feel.
Yours forever.


Neurons fire up when you touch this CalypsoCase. The visual pleasure is unlimited. Simple and yet eternal.
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designed with passion
Karim Rashid is one of
the most prolific designers
of his generation.
Karim’s work is featured in 20 permanent collections in art galleries worldwide. He has been honored with more than 300 prestigious awards.

His diversity affords him the ability to cross-pollinate ideas, materials, behaviours, aesthetics from one typology to the next. Crossing boundaries and broadening horizons.

Karim approached the simplistic CalypsoCase design with great respect and found a way to fuse it with his playful extravagant touch. The result is a collection never seen before. Symbiosis of the lines. Asymmetrical beauty.

The three dimensional pattern is harmonized with the CalypsoCase. Built on a selective premium Italian leather in three amazing Karim colors. The CalypsoCase by Karim Rashid collection is an extravagant work of art. A piece for the modern gallery. A piece for your exciting life.
Crafted with care
Passionate from the early design sketches to the final touches. Our engineers and craftsmen worked closely together with Karim to produce an incredible product.

Each CalypsoCase by Karim Rashid is unique. Handcrafted. Only the best materials are used. Perfect Italian leather, built-in titanium backbone and real silver ring. Fused together in a piece of art.

The CalypsoCase is carefully handmade in Europe by our CalypsoCrystal master craftsmen in a demanding process. For you.