There are four precious ways to express the beauty of your world. Each of them is hidden in a precisely handcrafted crystal clear iPhone dock.

  • Aurora

    The most precious and fabulous of the line, the Aurora Crystal Dock is deep sandblasted and finely polished, then hand-painted with platinum. And completely unique. Only 999 pieces will be produced, each of them slightly different and labeled with serial number.
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  • Beau

    The secret to the beauty of the Beau Crystal Dock is hidden in the art of its production. It is precisely hand-cut, assuring asymmetry of the final design, and then polished with great care. The result? Endless admiration.
    99 USD + free shipping Buy_
  • Celestia

    Curls or flowers or sun? You just might see it differently every time you look. The Celestia Crystal Dock is medium sandblasted with fine polishing to achieve a great shine. Can you stand looking at it? Can you stand not to?
    99 USD + free shipping Buy_
  • Dune

    A touch of worlds far, far away. Wind that shapes the terrain, sand that forms the light. The Dune Crystal Dock is precisely hand-cut to create asymmetric waves, and then polished to achieve a crystalline shine. Feel the waves and fly away.
    99 USD + free shipping Buy_
Desk jewelry.

Elegant lines. Playful curles. Whatever your style is. Whatever Crystal Dock design you chose. The fashionable impact on your home or office table will not go unnoticed. Don't just charge. Anchor your iPhone into a unique masterpiece of craftsmanship.
From glow to glory.

Crystal Dock is made from perfect crystal glass. Glowing at 800ºC, crystal is made from a combination of glass and lead oxide. Thats why it is much heavier than normal glass. Thats why it is so spectacular as the light brakes trough it. It takes five days of  controlled cooling before a demanding cutting and polishing process can start. Finally after days of hard work and 15 pairs of hands the crystal master piece is ready for its glory.
Precision handcrafted.

Three hundred years of tradition. Only the most experienced craftsmen. A challenge that has never before been seen in this industry. No compromises, no shortcuts. Each Crystal Dock is precisely hand cut – millimetre by millimetre until the final design is achieved. And than it's polished or sandblasted to achieve the final sparkle. In the end, every Crystal Dock is checked for perfection.
Boxed as a gift.

Inside a premium black box there is Crystal Dock safely suspended in protective foam. As beautiful as when it left our studios, wrapped as a jewel.
The Crystal Dock is designed for iPhone and iPod touch. Your device is carefully held in perfect angle and you will immediately know who is calling. When plugged to a power outlet, your device is  charged. If connected to a computer it is synched.
Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone and iPod touch.
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