Fashionable iPad cases. Smoothest Italian premium leather and specially designed microfabric. Simply perfect.

  • Gotham Fields

    Dive deep into this sleek Gotham black experience. The smoothest and most elegant dark Italian leather. Crush the shadows. Silence the night with the rhodium metal detail. Classic black fashion look has a new name. The Gotham Fields.
    169 USD Temporarily unavailable
  • Blossom in Florence

    Slowly hover along the flickering soft leather. Stop at the curves. Note the rising leather pattern. Remarkably stretched and enriched with the rhodium metal. Blossom in Florence will bring your iPad to the executive level.
    169 USD Buy_
    + free shipping
  • Auckland Jam

    Kick it off. Careful. The Auckland Jam echoes from every angle. Our unique leather pattern will give you a transcendental spin. The red interior is taking control of your darkest moments.
    169 USD Buy_
    + free shipping
  • Shanghai Twists

    You cannot stop what this Shanghai red will set off. Twisting secrets. Eventful nights. Combined with the elegant black interior you are the talk of the day. The star of the night.
    169 USD Buy_
    + free shipping
Perfect companion.

Your style. Your iPad. And a new fashionable companion. Experience the feel of this perfectly designed CalypsoTab.

Carefully selected curves. Just the right dimensions. Distinctive signature leather pattern. CalypsoTab will protect your most valued assets in style.
Five star materials.

Made only of premium Italian leather and Conite. On the inside only the best materials. Precisely cut and carefully crafted together by hand.

You will immediately feel the difference. No compromises. Ever.
Precision handcrafted.

It takes days to assemble one CalypsoTab. And many experienced craftsmen. It is hard, precision hand work.

Leather stretched without wrinkles. Precisely attached. Smart precision to make your iPad fit.

We do not call it production. We call it art.
Boxed as a gift.

Beautiful packaging meets the beautiful product! Inside a premium black box the CalypsoTab is safely protected. It is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticy and material composition.
  • Details
    The CalypsoTab is designed
    and precisely fitted for:
  • Apple iPad, iPad mini

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