Fashionable iPhone cases. Conite, titanium, leather and specially designed microfabric. Simply perfect.

  • Tokyo Breeze

    Japanese intensity. Distinct and bold darkness. Majestically structured soft black leather. The Tokyo Breeze hides its stories in its dark details. Uncovers its secrets at the swooping black spotlights on this one of a kind CalypsoLoop.
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  • Kansas Gardens

    Expand your audience. Stand in the spotlight. Endless fields of this extravagant metallic gold leather will draw you into a new dimension. Accompany your swagger with an outstanding one of a kind CalypsoCase.
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  • São Paulo Esteem

    Pop it up. You'll never know what this night will bring. Wake up at noon. Don't try to piece together your last night's adventures. Prepare for a new one. This magnificent metallic leather in sparkling fuchsia feels like it's your flaming companion.
    99 € + free shipping Buy_
  • Glasgow Desert

    Brand new smooth beige leather with a whole new feel. Something you have never experienced before. Touch it once and never let go. This is your classic elegance. Incredibly pleasant and so soft it will ascent away.
    99 € + free shipping Buy_
Sheer phone fashion.

Why should an iPhone case interfere with your style? Carefully selected curves. Suitable dimensions. Not too heavy. Not too light. Sleek and nice. Shiny, but not too overly so. Glossy, but just the right way. Each CalypsoCase reflects fashionable leather colors and its distinctive signature leather CalypsoLoop.
Five star materials.

Meet the CalypsoLoop. Made of premium leather and Conite(TM). To embrace perfect style. On the inside only the best materials. Laser cut and precisely placed together by hand. You will immediately feel the difference. Premium Italian leather is music to your fingertips. Titanium enhanced edges are there to protect your phone. No compromises. Ever.
Precision handcrafted.

It takes days to assemble one CalypsoCase. And many experienced craftsmen. It is hard, precision, hand work. Leather stretched without wrinkles. Precisely attached CalypsoLoop. Smart precision to make the phone fit. We do not call it production. We call it art.

Never lose your keys again! Leave
them behind and unlock doors just
with a tap of a CalypsoKey,
hidden in your CalypsoCase.

Featuring the missing identification
potentials of your iPhone.
Add sensational new near field
communication (NFC) possibilities
to your iPhone with the CalypsoKey.
The built-in dual-band RFID antenna
brings your entire portfolio of
identification cards into one CalypsoCase.
Replace your keys. Open doors.
Access your apartment. Check in at
your office building. Open the garage.
All with just a short wireless tap of your
CalypsoCase. No apps and
no charging are needed.

Boxed as a gift.

Beautiful packaging meets the beautiful product! Inside a premium black box the CalypsoCase is safely protected. It is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticy and material composition.
  • Details
    The Calypso Case is designed
    and precisely fitted for:
  • Apple iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4. Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • iphone4s
  • iphone4s
  • iphone4s

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