Fashionable iPhone cases. Incredibly rigid aluminum body, premium Italian leather, special microfabrics and a new open design. Simply perfect.

  • Adelaide Tranquility

    Feel the midnight ride to Adelaide. The tranquility of the ocean and serendipity of the CalypsoCase Cabrio. Only the softest black leather. Sandblasted aluminium. And easy, relaxed stars in the magic sky.
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  • Brooklyn Noon

    Skip the morning. Our unique, elegant dark brick-red Italian leather is taking over noon in Brooklyn. Not one piece is the same. You can feel the changing reflection of the aluminium edge while gliding through the Brooklyn Noon.
    149 EUR Temporarily unavailable
  • Kyoto Sunrise

    The dusty night is transforming into a glamorous morning. Illuminating the path into your day. Our smoothest concrete purple leather is fused with aluminum as one. Incredibly strong and beautiful. Take it and complete your style.
    149 € + free shipping Buy_
  • Boston Reef

    Fascinating. Smoothly toned- down green Italian leather is rising above the aluminium backbone reef. Quietly but firmly this CalypsoCase is protecting your iPhone. Silent elegance for your strong and loud presentation.
    149 € + free shipping Buy_
Feel the air.

Seamless fusion of leather and aluminium. Quintessential execution. We have removed the top cover and went cabrio. So you can have one hand free. This voguish CalypsoCase will turn heads. Always embracing your iPhone.
Five star materials.

Starting with a flawlessly constructed body. Cut from one solid block of aluminum. The CalypsoCase is built from the best. No doubt. We take only the best natural Italian leather. The unique pattern gives every CalypsoCase its unique look. The sand blasted aluminum finish gives the edges the perfect look. Precise. Robust. Beautiful.
Precision handcrafted.

No rush. Just slow and careful crafting. Our master craftsmen take their time. We greatly value and respect their artful work. So it takes days to assemble a CalypsoCase. Hand applied leather on the protective aluminium body with meticulous attention to detail. No mass production. This is fine European art!

CrystalShield brings a complete 360° of protection to your iPhone.

Additionally protect your screen with the best clear, smooth and thin screen protection film available.

A microfiber cleaning cloth and a bubble scratcher to eliminate bubbles during application are included with your CrystalShield.
Boxed as a gift.

Beautiful packaging meets the beautiful product! Inside a premium black box the CalypsoCase is safely protected. It is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticy and material composition.
  • Details
    The Calypso Case is designed
    and precisely fitted for:
  • Apple iPhone 5 and 5S
  • iphone5

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