Aluminium body. Extraordinary leather. Perfect craftsmenship. The new CalypsoCase Book.

  • Oxford Classic

    Open it. You know. The Oxford Classic is a breathtaker. Unique patterned Italian nero leather with a sensational touch of screaming red on the inside. Unseen. Unique.
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  • Novel Prague

    Misty. Foggy. Thrilling. The matte green Novel Prague will keep your mind occupied. While your phone is chilling inside. Perfect for an electrifying night of surprises.
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  • Alexandria Fiction

    It is not just red. This smooth Alexandria Fiction red is indescribable. A color so vivid that your fantasy will flow away. Your touch will stay.
    149 EUR Temporarily unavailable
  • Seattle Story

    Fresh but soft. Friendly but mysterious. The wine matte red leather of the Seattle Story will hold your focus. Keeping you warm at the same time. It is up to you how to envision it.
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Open up.

Open it up. Flip it over. Close it again. Complete protection. Instant access. The stories you write will stay forever.
Flawless materials.

Custom-cut aluminium body. With manually sandblasted edges to give that perfect look. And then, the rendezvous, with the best natural Italian leather. Combined together. Precise. Robust. Beautiful.
Precision handcrafted.

Experience the fine European manufacturing art. Based on generations of skilled craftsmen. Manually assembled with great respect. No mass production. Environmentally friendly.
Boxed as a gift.

Black distinctive packaging. A treat for your eyes and fingertips. Carefully protects the unique CalypsoCase. Accompained by a signed certificate of authenticity and material composition.
  • Details
    The Calypso Case is designed
    and precisely fitted for:
  • Apple iPhone 5 and 5S
  • iphone5

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